Hanukkah isn’t traditionally a big decorating holiday, but we could all use a little extra cheer in our living spaces right now. While decorating for Christmas in an elegant, sophisticated way is super easy, decorating for Hanukkah is not. ’Tis the season for the single Hanukkah end-cap store display.

Unfortunately, most Hanukkah decorations are cheesy, overwhelmed with plastic party goods, bright blue glitter, and really awful puns. Hanukkah stuff is so literal while Christmas decor gets snowflakes, plaid, and even snow. Don’t get me started on plastic dreidel string lights, but the word tacky comes to mind.

Traditional Hanukkah decorations…

Becca Risa Luna

Fashion writer, luxury resale expert, and personal essayist. www.beccarisaluna.com www.coffeeandhandbags.com

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